From the Robb Report:  "Forget 8K, Sony’s New 63-Foot 16K Crystal LED TV Is Now Available—for a Few Million"

This is the 63' Sony 16K Crystal LED TV

Lest you think that the 16KHDTV is light years away, -"Earlier this year when Sony unveiled the colossal 63-foot TV—the biggest 16K screen of its kind—it had commercial cinemas in its sights. But, hey, why should theaters have all the fun? Yesterday, the Japanese tech titan announced the Crystal LED display system will be available for home installation. - ROBB REPORT - in 2019!

"PARAMUS, N.J. — September 12, 2019 — Sony Electronics Inc. today announced the availability of its award-winning Crystal LED display system for home installation. Having initially introduced the technology for use in commercial and entertainment venues, Sony Electronics now offers residential configurations and installation, giving consumers an unrivaled home theater technology capable of displaying 8K HDR video content and beyond – up to 16K."

"Crystal LED for home installation is available through a select group of specially trained and certified Sony dealers. The product is supported by Sony’s award-winning technical support team with additional design support resources, installation and maintenance on end-users’ applications provided by Sony Electronics, which will also offer custom installer Crystal LED service training, enabling them to remotely monitor and support displays after installation."

So, this is why I bought - now - early in 2022.  Whoever plans for the future BEFORE it arrives wins!
Yes - You can make an OFFER for this dynamic website of tomorrow...and we all know how fast technology is developing.  8K will likely be bypassed when the 16KHDTVs are introduced and competition takes over.


John Tyler