2012 Kona Blue Mustang - Owner - John Tyler - North Carolina

Brand New Blue Cloth Top - on April 25, 2022

Top Down - Mustang V-6 Automatic

Brand New Exhaust System Installed on March 14, 2022 -  Former owner Mickey-Moused it.

Veihcle Inspected in North Carolina on March 10, 2022 - Good Thru 2023

Beautiful Condition Inside And Out. 




Send us YOUR Blue Mustang  Photos (up to eight) and we will make a page for YOUR Mustang.  email is john@johntyler.com

My fee is only $100.00 to designate YOUR PAGE.

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Here's A Video Of My Mustang - Should I Sell It This Year.

I Design WebSites - John Tyler

Parked Outside of My Son's House in North Carolina

Mustang License Plate is Photoshopped To Obscure My Real NC Plate.

Phoenix Android - Tesla Style Radio/Computer Blue Mustangs Only Are Allowed On This Website.
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