This 2012 V6 Mustang convertible is in pristine condition. The color is Kona Blue,  The top is a brand new, blue cloth top that replaced a black vinyl top. The top was just replaced by C. Fredricks of Charlotte North Carolina at a cost of $2,000. 

The former owner had a lousy exhaust system with one bad catalytic converter, so I had Alling's Auto and Truck Repair of Monroe, NC replace the entire system from the header to the rear dual exhaust chrome extensions.  New mufflers (2) and two new catalytic converters.  The car was inspected in March of 2022 and is good for a full year.

So, the car...inside and to bottom is pristine.

The convertible also has a 12.1" Phoenix Android Tesla style radio/computer where every app that an Android can get...this gets...including GPS, and there are two USB input cables that allow you to use any flash drive for music - or videos!

Please watch the video below and that will fill you in on all of the information.

I'm selling the Mustang for $12,000 FIRM.  It's a bit higher than Kelly Blue Book, but it also has no dents, no scratches and is in perfect condition. 

There are about 138,000 miles on the car as of this writing.

My contact information is:  John Tyler - and (704) 957-0450 is my cell phone if you have any questions.

THE CAR IS A LOCAL PICKUP ONLY IN MONROE, NORTH CAROLINA.  WHEN I HAVE $12,000 CASH IN HAND...YOU GET THE CLEAN TITLE IN YOUR HAND AND THE KEY.  I also have a 2nd FOB so, if the first FOB is worn, you can take the chip from t and insert it into the new backup FOB.





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